our mission

STOR9_ combines the real world of athletes with the brand by providing exclusive content for its fans_

_We do believe that storytelling based on similar values is the only way to create credible, engaging, and sharable content_

what we do

We monetize the image of the athletes by producing and delivering exclusive content in all channels of communication_

_the structure of our areas of expertise are divided into 3 pillars:

  • Creative concepts & production

    we create unique and quality content with ambassadors and distribute it in the most effective way. Our main role is to show areas that are naturally common both for the ambassador and brand in order to make it more credible and engaging for fans and potential consumers_

  • Communication strategy

    we analyse and monitor all information about the ambassador and build a coherent communication strategy. In the second stage we manage, develop and support all social media channels_

  • Business & Media Relations

    we are responsible for media & business relations of the ambassador. We cooperate with managers, business partners and agencies in order to meet the needs of each individual_


about us

_We are a group of specialists with experience in working for the biggest creative and PR agencies. We have been managing projects from communication & branding areas to sports marketing_

_we believe that great and unique content should be based on real passion and engagement. That’s why our team is full of sports fans and activists, new technologies enthusiasts, foodies and fashionistas_

  • Anna Zielińska
    About me

    CEO Co-Founder and Managing Director of Stor9_, responsible for building business partnerships_

  • Tomasz Zawiślak
    Member of the Board
    About me

    Member of the Board, Co-Founder of Stor9_, responsible for direct cooperation with Anna and Robert Lewandowski_

  • Maciej Dutkowski
    Creative Director
    About me

    Creative Director _responsible for creative ideas and production_

  • Jakub Zajdel
    Public Relations Director
    About me

    PR Director responsible for media relations and communication areas of the ambassadors_

  • Agnieszka Zielińska
    Communications &
    Partnerships Manager
    About me

    Communications & Partnerships Manager _responsible for communication areas and production of the content_



  • #MotivationByAnn

    Production of calendar by Anna Lewandowska for the year 2018 as part of #MotivationByAnn project

    Creative Director: Maciej Dutkowski, Production: Agnieszka Zielińska, Photographer: Marta Wojtal

  • Huawei

    Series of 10 video episodes presenting the process of creating Perfect Portraits made with Huawei P10.

    Creative Director: Maciej Dutkowski, Producer: Agnieszka Zielińska, Photographer: Marta Wojtal

  • Coca Cola Zero

    A series of episodes on Robert Lewandowski's social media channels as part of Coca Cola Zero Sugar campaign.

    Creative Director: Maciej Dutkowski

  • HS

    Creation of branded content for Head & Shoulders published on Instagram.

    Producer: Anna Zielińska

  • Vistula

    Creation of backstage session for Vistula and dedicated social media content with Robert Lewandowski.

    Photographer: Marta Wojtal, Producer: Anna Zielińska

  • Gillette

    Creation of video content for Gillette showing how Robert Lewandowski understands precision.

    Creative Director: Maciej Dutkowski




Postal address

ul. Żurawia 26/11
00-515 Warsaw


+48 795 523 687

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